Monday 3 October 2011

Analytical tools selection made easy

Almost every large organization today is jumping onto the analytics bandwagon.  Given the continued presence of economic pressures and cutthroat competition, all are keen to use analytical tools to maximize competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the field of analytics can be complicated and confusing, with an overabundance of terms to understand and myriad options to select from. Starting with text analytics and predictive analytics, the list goes on to social media analytics, data analytics, mobile analytics and possibly many more in the future. 

So, do you really need all of the analytics tools to get ahead of the pack, or will just one or two suffice? Let’s take a brief look at each of the options in order to decide........

check the post below :


  1. It's amazing simple, complicated things can be. Too many choices and expansions complicate simple stuff further in this case I guess.

  2. So many analytics tool available in the market and from different providers. Thanks for simplifying this process. I visited the link to learn about it.
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  3. Thank you for sharing it! Also, I have found great list of app analytics tools.


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