Wednesday 26 January 2022

#1 Online Digital Marketing Course with Certification


It's really hard to figure out where to start with digital marketing.

There is so much information and you’re not sure what to do first or even if you’re doing it right. You can get lost in a sea of blogs, videos and articles that all say different things.

Going Digital has everything you need from one place, with clear message, training material and quizzes that help you understand the topics and give you practical experience online,

All delivered by an expert on the subject who have been there themselves and recognized as top 10 global thought leader & influencer on Digital.

Join us now for 5 days from 15th Feb 2022 at 6 pm on Zoom and make your career or business a huge success.

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Monday 24 January 2022

Digital Transformation Awareness Program by Going Digital

Employees are not always on board with your digital transformation. They either don’t understand the benefits, or they think you are wasting a lot of money for no reason.

You know that digital transformation is crucial for the future success of your business, but some employees don’t see it that way. Some might even be actively resisting it by doing things like printing out all emails and putting them into physical folders.

A company-wide awareness program will help to show them why you need to go digital and what the benefits to the business and their role will be. With everyone on board, there will be sure success.

Digital transformation is a key strategy for organizations of all sizes to gain a competitive advantage. Reaching Digital Maturity as a company means that your employees are digitally mature as well as your organization.

Digital Transformation is a mindset, not a program!

Do you want to become a most forward-thinking business by investing in digital transformation initiatives that help you 

. go to market faster, 

. build better products and services, 

. increase employee satisfaction and retention, 

. and offer more value to customers?

Digital Transformation Awareness Program by Going Digital is the answer!

Learn more for the gateway to success.

Saturday 22 January 2022

How do you provide the best customer experience?


A customer experience (CX) is defined by interactions between a customer and an organization throughout their business relationship. Interaction can include awareness, comparison, purchase, service, and advocacy.

Customers will always have an experience - Good, Bad, or Indifferent.
It is the most important aspect of the Digital Transformation.

If you focus on the pain areas of the customers then resolving those challenges will automatically deliver the experience customers are expecting.

There are 4 main buckets where customers have pain or challenges:

  1. Financial Pain Points: Your prospects are spending too much money on their current provider/solution/products and want to reduce their spend

  2. Productivity Pain Points: Your prospects are wasting too much time using their current provider/solution/products or want to use their time more efficiently

  3. Process Pain Points: Your prospects want to improve internal processes, such as assigning leads to sales reps or nurturing lower-priority leads

  4. Support Pain Points: Your prospects aren’t receiving the support they need at critical stages of the customer journey or sales process

There are 3 E's of customer experience:

  • Effectiveness: Customers get value from the experience

  • Ease: Customers get value without difficulty.

  • Emotion: Customers feel good about the experience.

Disruptive startups are choosing one activity to do for the customer much better instead of trying to substitute all the activities that are being done by the established company for themselves.

Here are the top attributes of the best customer experience:

  • Fast response times to issues, needs, or complaints

  • Consistency of same experience across all the channels

  • Knowledgeable staff ready to assist whenever the customer needs

  • Human interaction - a person to speak to when needed

  • Relevant, educational promotions than the only sale

Use our customer journey mapping framework to get customer sentiments or behavior across the entire journey.

Monday 17 January 2022

How To Use 4 Different Types Of Keywords For Your Google Ads?


Most of the users when starting the search on the internet they use Google. Research says that more than 80% of people use Google as their search engine, so it makes sense to use Google Ads for your Search Engine Marketing.

There are 4 types of keyword match you can use while working on Google Ads.

There are four types of keyword matches, including:

  • Broad match This is used widely and will match searches with any words in any order (including synonyms) that include the target keyword. For example, if you use broad match on luxury villas, your ad might be displayed if a user types "luxury cars," "expensive villas," or "luxury interior."

  • Broad Match Modified: This match type is created by a + sign in front of your keywords. So Google understands that the search query must include that term with + sign. For example, if you use a broad match modified as +luxury +villas, your ad might be displayed if a user types luxury goods, luxury phones, luxury interior, luxury automobiles, etc.

  • Phrase Match: Keyword phrases are multiple words contained in quotation marks. Your ad will only appear when a user queries your key phrase using your keywords in the exact order you enter them, but there might be other words either before or after that phrase. For example, if you give "formal shoes" then your ad will be shown to anyone searching for leather formal shoes, formal shoes for the office, uniform with formal shoes, etc.

  • Exact Match: This is the further narrow down of your target audience your ads will only show with the exact search query. This type of keyword is created by putting your keyword(s) in brackets. [] For example when you say [buy laptops] then your ad will be shown to the user only when they search buy laptops and not anything else like buying a smartphone, rent laptops, gaming laptops, buy headphones, etc.

So when you use these keywords match type properly, the probability that your ad will be shown to the right prospect increases.

Download our eBook - 30 Days of Lead Generation to learn more.

Are you using Google Ads to increase the visibility of your business and generate leads?

Friday 14 January 2022

Cyber Security in Digital Age – Risks & Opportunities you need to know


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security means protecting your systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks which are aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.

In good old days crooks had to do it in person but in digital age you get get or may not even get a message " You have been hacked"

Common Cyber Threats:

Email Account Takeover: A cybercriminal hacks an email account and searches for emails involving correspondence between the client and their financial institutions. They learn about your habits so they can pose as you to your loved ones to steal money. 

Malware, Virus, Ransom: Malicious software is created to damage/disable computers and computer systems, steal data, or gain unauthorized access to networks. 

Phishing: Cybercriminals pretend to be a trustworthy source in order to acquire sensitive personal information such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, and credit card details.

Identity Theft: Most people re-use passwords and usernames (aka ‘credentials’). Cybercriminals get hold of these logins, try them with financial institutions' websites to find matches, and then request fraudulent fund transfers. 

Spoofing: Masking the source of a communication (phone or email) to look like a reputable source (e.g. government, call within a company, etc.).

Call Forwarding: The cybercriminal forwards all calls to our home and/or cell phone number to their phone. 

Hacking: Someone enters your network and steal all the important information by using right credentials.

Security is everyone’s responsibility. Your Role and Responsibility is to:

  • Safeguard email accounts
  • Limit what you share online
  • Protect our clients’ assets
  • Surf safely
  • Be strategic with usernames and passwords

Here are five ways to adopt Cybersecurity in this digital age:

1. Ensure you have the physical control of your devices at all times and nobody is hacking into them

2. Use extra caution when using public Wi-Fi at the airports or stations

3. Use good email encryption client

4. Do not insert any unknown USBs in your laptops, computers

5. Report any suspicious activities to IT staff immediately

We will be happy to coach and guide you in your efforts to tackler Cybersecurity.

Thursday 13 January 2022

What are your top challenges for Digital Transformation?


The Digital Tsunami is moving at a rapid pace, encompassing all aspects of business and society. It touches every function of a business from purchasing, finance, human resources, operations, IT and technology, sales and marketing, and every other division in the business.

Understanding this dynamic and making the necessary changes, is the context for digital transformation. The starting point is to assess your businesses’ state of digital preparedness based not just on technology, but on a comprehensive picture of digital integration and engagement throughout the organization.

Digital transformation poses these top five challenges to businesses of all sizes:

1. Culture: There is a fear to change with an attitude of why fix something that isn’t broke? Company culture is the basis of digital transformation. Without openness to change, either naturally or as a specific initiative, the digital transformation does not go as planned. It is important to remind teams of the benefits that will directly impact them in a positive way. Open communication is important when clarifying the purpose of a digital transformation and identifying the role it will play in their daily work routine. It starts with setting up a right Vision that is agreed upon by all the employees.

2. Lack of Leadership support: Most of the companies C-Suite is over 50 now and are digital immigrants. They have slowly adapted to web surfing, emailing, texting, and the instant world of social media. Hence it is difficult for them to drive the digital transformation. They need to set the tone by collaborating with managers on designing an organization-wide digital strategy while encouraging ongoing innovation. A dedicated Chief Digital Officer is one way to go.

3. Inter-Department collaboration: It is essential that all departments work together to bridge gaps, break down data silos, and make important connections. Companies are challenged to get the right people in their organization to work together to create a consistent experience across the board.

4. Resource Crunch: With so many technologies paving up every day, it is almost impossible to have people who know them well. Organizations need to recruit for the future with jobs skills that they have not considered to meet forthcoming changes in the digital marketplace.

5. Understanding Customer: Companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, and Tesla have changed the expectations of the market forever. The average consumer now expects brands to be able to understand their unique wants and needs and create a tailored experience to suit. Most business leaders understand this principle but often find themselves caught in a discussion about technology. Customer Journey Mapping will help identify all the pain areas with each and every customer interaction.

Though these are often the most prevalent challenges cited by organizations going through the digital transformation, countless others exist like identifying the right digital opportunities, right technology selection, etc.

To meet the manifold challenges posed by digital transformation, individuals and organizations should have the confidence and commitment to make digital integration a strategic imperative.

The success will depend on whether every employee and manager is ready to anticipate, innovate and participate in each step of Digital Transformation.

We will be happy to resolve any such challenges & guide you in your Digital Transformation Journey.

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