Sunday 15 January 2012

In memory analytics: Six factors spurring adoption

Companies are trying to explore new markets while retaining their existing customers. This effort has acquired a new dimension with the explosion of big data and social media. In order to strategize faster and speed up the response to real-time or near real-time levels, swift analysis has become crucial.

Numerous factors are driving the adoption of in-memory analytics. Let us examine some of them...


  1. Sandeep, This gives good overview. I have couple of queries. Where would you classify SAP HANA? In database Analytics or in memory or something completely different? Which are the leading in memory analytics products? You mentioned these are cheaper than other option. The cost difference is order of magnitude or marginal?


  2. In memory processing is only one piece of the bigger picture. McKinsey acknowledges that Big Data, the basic issue here, is a moving target. Setting in-memory technology as a solution assumes that the technology will keep (proportional) pace with the growth of data. A single flight of a large commercial jet generates over a terabyte of data, and as long as the jet lands successfully (vast majority of the time), most of the data is not of interest. The key will be leveraging Data at Rest and Data in Motion. Decisioning on Data in Motion will save a Jet or an infant, but only if there is access to Data at rest or efficient processing of (t-1) Data in Motion to provide Insights into (t+1) Data in Motion. Huge volumes and varieties of data must be filtered, selected, processed, analyzed, and turned into policy for later use, regardless of the technology base. An architecture for Data in Motion and at Rest will always provide a solution; specific technologies will be replaced by better technologies.

    Steve Schaffer

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