Sunday 17 January 2016

Smart Home changing our lives in Digital age

In the last decade, a range of digital technologies and services have hit the market and moved quickly from niche use to the mainstream like Facebook, & smartphones. 

In the next decade we are in for even more dramatic changes in the roles that technology will play in daily life.

One of them is Smart Home technology. There are several examples smart homes are going to make our lives comfortable.

Imagine you are in 2020 - you'll awake in the morning to the sound of your alarm, and the hidden sensors in the room will know you're getting up. The lights will automatically, but gradually turn on and the thermostat will warm the rooms you're about to use — the bathroom, the kitchen and, a few minutes later, your car.

The coffee will start to brew. You'll get push notifications about the weather. Your kitchen will remind you which ingredients you'll need to pick up on your way back home from work and the items you'll want to include in dinner that night before they spoil.

When you leave the house, you'll press a button via an app that will self-drive your car out of the garage. Right then, security systems will snap into place. House doors will automatically lock. Appliances will switch to an energy-saving mode.

On your way back in the evening, using geo-fencing technology your house senses you're arrival & will get ready for you - the thermostat will warm things up, the garage door will open as you pull up, and your favorite music will start to play when you walk in. Hope you had visualized the situation.

3 most important use of Smart home technology are:

Security:  Few years back you had to put a plate of “Beware of Dog” on your gate for your home security J. Today with Nest or Piper security systems you can link it with local police or private security and also control your home from your smartphone, while you are miles away or even enjoying vacations in other countries.

Connected Home Appliances: with Nest, Whirlpool & Samsung, some of your appliances can be connected using Internet of Things on WiFi and they send you notifications or reminders suitably like you milk is getting over or you have forgotten to switch off the fans. Smart TVs with internet give you freedom watch all your favorite programs in HD at your leisure.  Google acquired Nest Labs provide self-learning thermostats to control the temperature even when you are not at home.

Energy Conservation: With all these connected devices, major advantage is energy conservation.

From living rooms to yard, we are embracing the Smart home technology & it will   work on 4 Cs – Connectivity, Conservation, Control & Comfort!!

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