Sunday 21 February 2016

10 ways Drones are making entry into our lives !!

With Digital Transformation so many technologies are coming to reality in our lives.  

One of them are Drones, typically known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). They are expected to grow into a multibillion-dollar industry.

Drones have up until now been mostly confined to the military but are now being used more and more in civilian roles that go far beyond simple military use.

They are light, adjustable and easy to operate and often bring better results than traditional means of helicopters, light aircraft and satellites.

Drones are tools for collecting information, which is why big players in the digital economy like Amazon, Google and Facebook are so interested in them

Here are several uses of Drones to name a few:
  1. Amazon Prime Air will fly individual packages out to customers within 30 minutes of ordering.
  2. For real-time news, drones can be used to record the footage of a shootout in a bad neighborhood or nature’s fury of flood, earthquakes or wildfire outbreaks without risking the human lives.
  3. Farmers have a tough job, but drones can make it easier: they're a great way to do aerial surveys of crops or spraying the pesticides. This way, farmers can see if their irrigation systems are working, how their plants are growing, even see if any of the plants are sick by using infrared technology. 
  4. In the real estate industry, it's becoming increasingly common for property listings to be accompanied by a drone tour so residents can choose where to live. 
  5. Insurance companies are using them in claims settlements to assess the home roof damages.
  6. Domino’s has tested pizza delivery with DomiCopter to help their boys avoid rushing through traffic.
  7. Drones are great for sports or any big event with interesting activities going on that look even more interesting when viewed from above.
  8. Police departments across the country are buying drones that they can use for surveillance and related activity and apply BigData Analytics to predict crime. 
  9. Hollywood movies like Skyfall & Harry Potter had used drones for shooting stunts.
  10. Human couriers could very well be replaced by their robotic counterparts the day drones go mainstream.
It is not the technology but the regulations from aviation authorities that will be a major barrier and it will be a while before drones are allowed out to do their own thing.

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