Saturday 16 July 2016

Digital disruption in Customer Experience

In an age of digital disruption, great customer experience has become do or die. 

Digital technologies such as Analytics, Mobile, Cloud, Gamification, Cognitive computing, Artificial Intelligence and Social media have disrupted the customer experience.

Customer satisfaction has never been a higher priority than it is today, where fierce competition for space in the market means loyalties can change for the smallest reason.

Whether a customer is visiting the store, making a purchase through a mobile app, or liking a photo on Instagram, they must be able to engage your brand in a way that is both seamless and effortless, regardless of the device or channel. Match your channels to your customers’ needs and they’ll keep coming back.

Timing is everything in this ever-changing digital world. Every customer is a digital customer.

No matter your industry, every organization must deeply consider and transform the way they handle customer service. 

Understanding customers - their behavior, frustrations and needs - will allow you to identify what unique value you can bring to them. Big data analytics enable marketers to send customer communications that are more relevant, personalized and targeted than ever before

Initially considered a gaming innovation, virtual reality is turning out to be more mainstream, and the applications for organizations and purchasers are abundant.

Here are some of the reasons customers are giving for loving top brands:
  • They are easy to do business with
  • Hyper personalization that makes me feel great
  • They are quick to resolve my queries
  • Their product are class apart and their service is super
  • Technical knowledge of their customer service staff is excellent
  • They know me well when I call 

Today it seems that we’re not far from having drones landing on our lawns! The first time you experience something like this, it feels like a revelation but later it  will feel like it’s the norm.

Today’s customer delights are tomorrow's customer expectations. Apple, Google, Disney, Starbucks, Airbnb, and Amazon are just a few companies delivering these every day. Are you?

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