Saturday 12 March 2016

Virtual Reality and Digital Transformation.

Virtual Reality is making a lot of impact on the world we live in today. Everything that we know about our reality comes by way of our 5 senses – Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch & Taste.

Our entire experience of reality is simply a combination of sensory information and our brains’ sense-making mechanisms for that information.
Virtual reality is an artificial environment, experienced through sight and sound.  Without the risks that would accompany those experiences in real life. 

In a virtual reality environment, a user experiences immersion, or the feeling of being inside and a part of that world.

One of the main problems with virtual reality is motion sickness. People suffer from nausea after spending a period of time in a virtual environment.

Today, Millennials will prefer to travel to Mars and chill with some aliens instead of spending time with family or friends and teenagers, may generate the boy or girl of their dreams in the head rather than real one.

But VR is helping Digital Transformation in a good way:
  • Healthcare is one of the biggest adopters of virtual reality which encompasses surgery simulation, phobia treatment, robotic surgery, and skills training
  • It is used as a training aid in many sports such as golf, athletics, skiing, cycling etc.
  • It is particularly useful for training soldiers for combat situations or other dangerous settings where they have to learn how to react in an appropriate manner such as flight simulation, battlefield simulation
  • Hollywood movies like TRON, The Matrix series, and Vanilla Sky are great examples of VR
  • Real estate firms will be able to offer virtual walk-through and open houses through 360-degree experiences
  • Theme parks like Six flags & Disney Land are launching VR roller coaster for a terrific experience
  • Even McDonald’s in Sweden are now making happy meal boxes that turn into VR headsets for skiing
  • GE connected experience labs are exploring the VR to experience & visualize the complex and dynamic Big Data datasets.

Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard is the decent gateway drug to VR while Oculus Rift, HTC Vive is the gold standard.

Virtual reality is going to allow anyone to do almost anything, anywhere we can imagine, with anyone in the world. Tomorrow you can sit on your couch at home and still do a skywalk at Grand Canyon or fly over the Eiffel Tower.

    Buckle up everyone, we’re in for one hell of a ride with Virtual Reality !!


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